This unique, high quality system for learning and knowing your tables has been invented and developed by Mr. Graham P. Woodward MBIM.MIIM.MIE.MIG.TechE.FTC.Prod.Des. A private home tutor, author, tutor trainer and local radio broadcaster. He has been privately tutoring school children in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire for many years. In addition to this he has trained many people nationwide from all walks of life to become private home tutors in their own right.

Graham says “I initially created and devised my unique system (I am loathe to use the word ‘game’ because of the seriousness of our situation) because as I visit children to tutor them I find more and more that they do not know their times tables very well. I strongly believe that times tables are still the basis for all future maths knowledge as children progress into secondary school and eventually into the workplace’’.

As a busy Private Home Tutor visiting many children each week I am, like you, becoming more worried about their underachievement in numeracy. I know that you will find this ‘Know your’™ Times Tables system an enormous help in giving your child confidence and ability in knowing their tables – and therefore improving their maths generally.

You will soon realise after using and experiencing this unique system that it has been very carefully thought out and developed. It involves many connotations and endless variations for you to use to get the best from each child, depending on their ability and speed of learning.

Graham adds “in my experience of years of one-to-one tutoring children, most have an alarmingly and worryingly short term memory problem, also a short attention span for something that doesn’t immediately interest them. This boxed 380 piece system ‘Know Your’™ Times Tables, has been specifically developed to be different and to keep children more interested than any other methods. When I visit the many children I tutor and their parents I find that they actually enjoy using my system, and I have had some truly amazing results with children of all ages and abilities. Some parents of dyscalculia’s, dyslexic, aspergus and special needs children have become quite emotional at their new found knowledge”.

Good Luck and ENJOY experiencing the success of your children actually knowing their Times Tables at last!


Want to know more about the ‘Know Your’™ Systems or Home Tutoring?

If you wish to find out about any other systems in the ‘know your’™ series for numeracy please contact us for details.

Do you fancy becoming a Private Home Tutor yourself? Spend two days with Graham P. Woodward to be personally trained and supplied with everything you need to make an immediate start in a very worthwhile and much in demand new career.

Following his long and varied career in management Graham became involved in career advice, training and recruitment, managing an executive recruitment company specialising in business and technical appointments. This led to him lecturing in further education colleges, teaching BTec and City and Guilds in engineering, mathematics and science. He has written and marked final exam papers for both these institutions.


He has worked in many secondary schools, supporting statemented and special needs children and also liasing with their parents. In 1992 he began to tutor children individually in their own homes. This quickly became a lucrative occupation, prompting the formation of his own company. Graham is in great demand, not only to tutor children privately, but also to train people from all walks of life who wish to embark on a new and rewarding career.


Recently Graham appeared in The Mirror newspaper promoting his new book and training details. The new book, How To Start a Business As a Private Tutor, was published in May 2010 and is available on Amazon.


He is regularly featured on Rossendale Radio where he does a one and a half hour question and answer slot for parents who need help and advice about their children at school.


Graham has frequently featured in national magazine articles and the education columns of newspapers.


Graham can be contacted by e-mailing him at

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GPW Tuition Services is a Lancashire based company established in 1991 by Mr. Graham P. Woodward, providing high quality one-to-one home tuition and individual tutor training.

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