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This comprehensive 125+ page manual will guide you through every step necessary to become a successful, well paid Private Home Tutor, covering all subjects you need to be conversant with; attracting and keeping your client base; how, when and where to advertise; essential equipment and how to make an immediate improvement in a child.


Written by respected tutor, author and inventor, Graham Woodward, and based on his many years’ successful experience in tutoring children and training adults from all walks of life. The Complete Manual of Private Home Tutoring explains the school system, trouble-shoots any problems you might encounter, tells you what children are really like in and out of school and is your essential guide in tutoring every type of child, from the average pupil who simply needs a boost, to the gifted child and those children with learning difficulties.


Private Home Tuition offers tremendous earning potential and job satisfaction to people of all ages and from all backgrounds and is a career move you can explore Without initially leaving your current employment. “PHT” is not school teaching, nor do you have to be a qualified teacher in order to offer this service. One-to-one tutoring is a more effective and learning-intensive complement to traditional methods.


It is intended as an informative book packed with sensible, practice advice, written by someone who first hand has made a successful career from tutoring hundreds of children; someone who has a real understanding of underachieving school children and their dissatisfied parents.

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