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20 New Exciting Games

If you wish to reserve any of the new titles that attract your interest, please indicate by email or ring us direct on 01706 875517. We do not require any deposits. All existing customers who have already bought our ‘Know Your Times Table’ game will be given ‘free of charge’ a set of extra strips as a thank you when purchasing any of our new games.


We are expecting a large demand for many of these new titles judging from the valuable feedback and suggestions we are receiving.


Please note: The above new games will not yet be available on Amazon, only from our website www.ko-box.com where you can use Paypal to purchase, or, contact us direct by email at graham.woodward@o2.co.uk or phone 01706 875517.

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Another 20 games will be launched in Summer 2020
Missing Letters & 
Missing Numbers
Make 2 Words
Missing Signs
Periodic Table
Numbers In Words
Where In The World &
Capital Cities
Number Patterns
Rhyming Words
Inventors & Discoveries
Right & Wrong Sums
Right & Wrong Spellings
More Than & 
Less Than
Halving & Doubling
Match The Sums
...in our New Smaller Box

Thanks to you and the phenomenal success of our ‘Know Your Times Table’ system we are currently expanding the ‘Know Your’ range from early 2017 to include the following new titles for children’s learning systems and games for all the family.  


The new games are available for children of all ages and abilities supporting the schools national curriculum, some needing adult help. We have introduced some more difficult general knowledge games and systems for older children and nostalgic mums and dads or grandparents with good memories! - in fact, fun for all the family!


They are all presented in the same format as our enormously successful ‘Know Your Times Table’ game, ie: 24 or more separate strips with loose split numbers, letters, words, or shape answers, which are shuffled, placed face down, then the top card picked and placed in the space on the correct strip to give the right answer. All new games cater for younger children ie: infants in key stage 1 up to older junior children in key stage 2 and beyond for adults.


Having been a busy private home tutor for over 20 years I know first hand what children find most difficult at school. I now want to pass on my successful methods of helping them by creating more games and systems based on the same unique format which has given our ‘Know Your Times Table’ game its amazing success. Well over 2000 have now been sold worldwide - America, Australia, South Africa and Europe. Here in the UK many parents and schools are having astonishing results and we are very proud of our many 5 star reviews on Amazon and our website.

Number Bonds
For 10 & 100
Verbal Reasoning
For Grammar School
Money & Coins
Shape Names & 
Clock Times
Parts Of Speech
Compound Words
Estimating &
Rounding Up
Synonyms &
including the following titles:

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