A High Quality Learning System for

Parental use at home with one-to-one

Small school groups, friends, special needs departments

Whole class activity for up to 30 children

Welcome to ‘Know Your’™ Times Tables, and CONGRATULATIONS, you are now in possession of a very important and powerful system to help your children understand and know their tables thoroughly. Here in the U.K. we are 27th in the world numeracy league tables. This embarrassment needs immediate attention – you now have the means to improve this situation.

‘Know Your’™ Times Tables is a revolutionary new quality system unlike anything else available today. It will teach your children of all ages and abilities their times tables in a quicker and more effective way than any other methods.

This system is available NOW in a high quality 380 piece boxed set. The system is very easy to use and can be taught by anybody from teachers, home tutors, parents or grandparents, and the set comes with full, easy to follow, step by step instructions that will get your children proficient in their tables in no time at all and before all their peers.

If you are concerned about your child’s numeracy, particularly their times tables, and want to dramatically improve it easily, then buy now!

This system is different to anything else available today for learning tables. It is extremely effective because children respond far better when they can touch, feel, think and participate in something tangible. With this system there is nothing to write down, no computer involved, and no boring singing by rote – just a single card which the child has to carefully place in the correct position. This enables a child to devote all their thoughts and efforts to think only of where the card should be placed, making their recall and remembering much quicker and better than any other conventional method of learning their tables. It is important children see the relationship between numbers, rather than just reciting them. Even though the answers are obviously still the same, the fact that the answer cards are always shuffled ensures the answers present themselves differently every time. This heightens and improves the child’s awareness and thinking of where to place a card – ensuring they don’t forget. (Please see tutorial demonstration video page).


12 Long strips numbered 1X to 12X


12 square blue numbered tables cards

For each table 2 to 10


20/27 sets of square coloured answer cards for each table X2 to X10


5 Blank square spare cards


50 Plastic scoring counters


1 Information Brochure


The ‘Know your’™ Times Tables system can be used at home with parents or tutors on one to one, at school in small groups, or with a whole class in school. It is ideal for statemented and underachieving children where a slow more intimate approach is better.

Can be used one-to-one, small groups or a whole class

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‘ Know Your’™ Times Tables Game

Available for the first time to the public

This proven system will teach children their times tables in no time at all

Used in schools

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK

Pile of

face down

answer cards


Graham P. Woodward with Sam Jones

Graham P. Woodward at St. Saviours School, Bacup

Sample diagrams from Information brochure

See Information Brochure for full instructions as a PDF, please click here.

PDF may take a few minutes to load depending on internet connection speeds.


As a child becomes more proficient in knowing their times tables they should be introduced to the concept of division as soon as possible! Realising that multiplying and dividing are related by being the opposite of each other. Add to and enhance the ‘know your’™ Times tables boxed set by turning it into a complete dividing system. All you would need are just twelve division strips (as shown below) in order to show your child how similar times and divide are. For only £6.95 (inc 1st class postage and packaging)


The twelve division strips will fit in the front of your existing box next to times table strips for convenience. The same blue square numbered cards and coloured times table answer cards can be used (as shown below).




For younger or slower or less able children, who may be overwhelmed by seeing all 12 strips laid out in front of them, start by setting out the first few or just half the full table. Also have the answers face up on the table so they could take their time in choosing the correct position for an answer card. You could help and encourage them to work out all the answers before letting them try to pick a face down card from the shuffled pile. This makes it less daunting so that a child can understand and remember the answers in smaller bite sized units.


This system is ideal for use in a schools, special needs department’s for small groups or in a one to one situation.


Encourage your children at home to use the ‘know your’™ Times Table System on their own once they know what to do. They will enjoy setting out all the strips and shuffling the answer card themselves. A child will seldom get bored with this method because the answers come out in a different way every time the cards are shuffled. Get them to time themselves, or each other if playing with a brother, sister or friend to see who is the quickest. If your child begins to remember the answer too easily and quickly (which is excellent and the whole point of using the system anyway!) why not challenge them even further by mixing up all the strips first and placing them in a random order.


Now shuffle thoroughly all the answers for the chosen table, place face down as before, and take the top card to place in the correct position.

It is impossible for a child to remember all the answers in their normal sequence. This not only makes it more challenging and interesting but it enforces and improves their memory for what they are seeing and subconsciously learning – ensuring they don’t easily forget.

Times Tables

Megan McTernan, Year 4, age 8 years, taking on a challenge

of doing three ‘Times Tables’™ at once

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