Since being introduced to the multiplication game, children in my class have used it both individually and in small groups. The most important feature is that the game is fun to play and children engage with it easily. There are various ways in which it can be used to enhance the children's understanding of their multiplication tables, and within just a few short sessions of the game being used by children of varying abilities, it was noticeable that they had shown a marked improvement in reciting and understanding their multiplication tables. This in turn has helped them greatly in other areas of numeracy. Simple, fun and amazingly effective.

Andrew Seddon B.Ed(Hons) (Year 6 teacher, numeracy co-ordinator)


This game is a fantastic, unique and fun way for children to learn their times tables. My son loves playing board games, but with this he is learning at the same time. I would highly recommend it to all parents.

Mrs. Suthers - Mum


“Wow”, I just had to put it down in writing how unbelievable the new ‘Know Your’™ Times Tables game/learning aid is. My son Cole took to this simple but effective system within one hour of opening the box and enjoyed it so much that he would even play it with his friends when they came around to play. I had never seen this system before, and was amazed at how different it was to anything else I had tried in an effort to help Cole along with his times tables. This system is fantastic and really helped with his school tables tests. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to children of all ages and abilities, it really is a revelation.

Mr. Sean Travers - Father


Such a simple but effective activity to teach children their times tables. My son Alexander, aged 9 years, thought that it was a fun way to learn.

Sue Hicks - Mum and Special Support Assistant


I hadn’t seen anything else like it as a learning aid and a game. My son Adam enjoyed the two dimensional numbers that took multiplication sums off the page and brought them to life. He soon picked up the concept of matching missing numbers into sums. His younger sister Georgia saw the ‘game’ and wanted to try it herself. They both enjoyed it so much they had no idea they were revising their times tables, they were simply having fun.

Mrs. L. Houldershaw - Mother


I love playing with this game and it has taught me all my times tables. This is a shame in some ways because I really liked learning them this way because it’s fun!

Alice Hopkinson - age 11


I would just like to say how much I enjoy using ‘Know Your’™ Times Tables. I was finding learning my tables really hard but this made it fun!!! It has really helped me with my schoolwork and my maths has really improved. Thank you.

Lilli-Ella Kelleher - age 10


Quick results from Jordan my 7 year old son. He thinks he’s just playing a card game, but doing it the ‘Know Your’™ way he is actually knowing and retaining his tables before any of his friends - amazing!!

Brad McShean - Father


Unbelievably effective system. Isabelle loves to do her tables this way instead of boring charts, writing them down or even singing them out! It even gets her off the computer! Thank you Mr. Woodward.

Mrs. L. Tomlinson - Mum


I bought ‘Know Your’™ Times Tables for my daughters Holly, Zoe and Hayley who have had problems learning their times tables, since buying this product their knowledge of times tables has improved no end, within a couple of hours they could rhyme off most of their tables. Even their teachers have noticed the improvement in their knowledge and confidence when it comes to their times tables. This is a very simple ‘game’, but very effective. Fantastic!

Mrs. Paula Kenyon - Mother


I found your times table box set unbelievable, my daughter Megan learnt her 7 times tables in less than 1 hour, but most of all she really enjoyed doing them. I was absolutely mesmerised how the system works, in my opinion this box set should be used in all primary schools.

John McTernan - Father


I would just like to say what an excellent, simple, but effective way to learn your times tables! My daughter Lilli was having difficulty learning her tables and I was amazed at the improvement after just a few weeks. One major plus point was how much she enjoyed using the system, it makes learning fun!! I would definitely recommend it and can’t wait for the other titles.

Justine Kelleher - Chairperson - PTA


Amazing! Hannah has Asperger’s Syndrome and has struggled for years with her times tables. What a touching moment when after only 1 hour she had mastered her 7 times tables, all the others soon followed! A fantastic, unique system. Highly recommended!!

Karen Lawrence - Mum


My daughter has loved learning her tables this way. It’s really visual and there are numerous ways to use it to teach and test times tables. It makes a change from tapes and posters and has helped my child see the patterns and understand how you can use tables for division and missing number type of maths. She knows all her tables really well, and has retained them quickly and easily. It’s a really clever system but easy to use. Great for visual learners especially.

Miriam Hopkinson - Teacher of the Deaf


This fantastic and unique system of times tables has helped my 10 year old son, Jack, immensely with his school tables tests. It made the task enjoyable and fun whilst instilling a sense of confidence in self. The simple, yet effective method of this system allowed him to master his tables within the hour. Incredible!!!

Gill Callaghan - Mum



I have recently been given a free demonstration of a totally unique method of teaching maths to children. I have now acquired one of the systems from Mr. Woodward and demonstrated it to several adults and children. The  feedback has been very positive with the effect being that most children pick up their multiplication and division a lot earlier and quicker than the conventional methods used in schools. If anyone would like to contact me personally to discuss the system further give me a ring on 01964 614967. I have that much confidence in this system that I am delighted to recommend it.

Geoff Harriman - Private Home Tutor, Withernsea, Hull


What an amazing product! My three sons 8 years, 11 years and 13 years all found it fantastic to use. They soon knew their tables after just a couple of sessions and actually want to get it out without being asked! All parents should have this system to help their children.

Maryam Mahmood
Parent Governor Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School


Knowing her tables helps Hannah achieve success


A TEENAGER targeted by her school to achieve an F in her GCSE maths astounded everyone by getting a C.


Delighted Karen Lawrence attributes her daughter Hannah's success to her private tutor. When she got her results Hannah immediately called her dad Alan, closely followed by tutor from Bacup Graham Woodward.


Karen said: "Hannah has always struggled with maths since she was in primary school and especially her times tables. Because it is used in such a lot of maths it was a real stumbling block for her.


"She was in set seven out of eight at Tottington High School and her target for GCSE maths was an F."


For 18 months private tutor Graham, from Churchtown Crescent, worked with Hannah and her confidence in the subject grew.


He introduced her to his Know Your Times Tables games and she went from an inability to work out multiplication without using her fingers to being able to visualise the numbers by using his game of tactile cards.


Within 45 minutes she was not only able to work out her six times table but could also answer the sums out of sequence.

Hannah is now at Myerscough College's centre at Crow Wood in Burnley on a B-Tec Level 2 in Horse Care.


Karen said: "Because Graham was teaching Hannah on a one-to-one basis he built up her confidence. He gave her a notebook so anytime she didn't understand something in maths she could write it down and he would explain it at her next tutorial.


"We used to have times tables on the wall, we had an electronic times table game and used various other methods. We even had them in the car but nothing worked for Hannah until Graham introduced the game."


Hannah, 16, , from Holthouse Road, Tottington, was on a school action plan and did not feel confident to speak out in class, but she always worked hard on her studies.


"She thought she was going to leave with no qualifications," said Karen. "Graham was always positive about whatever she had done and I am so proud of her." Hannah also gained a B in her GCSE religious studies, a pass in ICT, a C in science and a merit in BTEC Countryside and Environment (worth 2 GCSEs)

She said: "I think the maths dept were shocked at school when I told them what results I had got.


"I am really enjoying my course at Myerscough and I would like to either be a riding instructor or learn equine massage."

Graham has been a private tutor for 20 years and developed the Know Your game in response to difficulties his pupils were exhibiting when it came to learning the times tables.


He said: "Children learn in different ways, but my unique times tables game has had amazing successes especially with youngsters who have been struggling at school to follow the traditional rote method of learning by repetition.


"We are 27th in the world's numeracy tables which is shocking. That is why I developed the game."


Graham has written a book on how to be a private tutor and also trains tutors. To find out more visit www.gpwtutoring.co.uk or call 01706 875517.

To buy the times tables game for £24.95, or see a demonstration, please visit www.ko-box.com

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Times tables - now as easy as 1,2,3 for Hannah Lawrence thanks to the Know Your game developed by tutor Graham Woodward

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